Before and After

In two preceding posts I explained that currently I am fascinated by revisiting some of my paintings and other creative projects. They seem in a process of shedding their old skin.

Sometimes the changes are only subtle. Yet they make a big difference.

You really have to take a close look to detect where I added color and more detail.
This is a fantasy-landscape which emerged when I tried to integrate wool and thread into a painting.
It was fun to experiment with the different kinds of thread, to spread, split, bring together again ...

The patchwork heart below has been formed through collaging patterned paper-snippets, painting over with white acrylic color, then framing the heart with patterns and stenciling some more acrylic paint.

The result, however, seemed a little bit too fragmented. To unite the heartshape, I stenciled it over with red acrylic colour and added some orange, yellow and green dots and highlights.

Reminds me of a TED Talk given by David Whyte, where he talks about the conversational nature of reality. 
Living fully means to give up three illusions: 
First illusion: I can somehow construct a life in which I am not vulnerable.
Second illusion: I can construct a life in which I will not have my heart broken.
Third illusion: I can somehow plan enough and arrange things, so that I will be able to see the path to the end.